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Below Deck Mediteranean’s Chief Stew, Bugsy Drake, 30, has created some gorgeous, over the top table settings for her charter guests over the years — but there’s one Real Housewives’ dinner table she’s dying to get her hands on. “For Housewives, obviously Beverly Hills because everyone knows that it’s my favorite,” Bugsy told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live on April 26 as she discussed her new book The Art of Tablescaping: Deck Out Your Table with the Queen of Theme out on May 4. “I love Garcelle [Beauvais], but Dorit [Kemsley] is my spirit animal. Everyone knows I love hair clips just like Dorit and the glitz and glamor of it all, so I’d love to do an over the top glitzy, glamorous table for Dorit and her family.”

Fans first met Bugsy when she served as a 2nd Stewardess under the guidance of Captain Sandy Yawn, 56, and Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier, 34, during seasons 2 and 5. Bugsy was promoted to Chief Stewardess after Hannah’s mid-season dismissal when Bosun Malia White, 30, reported her to Sandy for having a vape pen and a unregistered Valium pills.

Boxed By Bugsy Christmas Glow Box 029

Sandy and Bugsy have such a tight bond that she wrote the forward for Bugsy’s book. “Yachts are not built to hold piles and piles of decorations, but Bugsy’s creativity eliminates that need,” Sandy said. “From simple lunches to last-minute dinner parties, Bugsy exceeds my expectations.”

Dorit, who’s tagline during season 8 was “I believe in excess of everything, except moderation,” seems ready for Bugsy who already knows what kind of table she’d do for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. “Obviously diamonds, so glass diamonds would be out there,” Bugsy said. “A lot of glitter and lots of candles. I think she loves the over the top sort of sparkle of it all. My favorite table scape is always Gatsby, so I can kind of see Dorit going with Gatsby as well.”

And while the word on the street for season 6 has been very hush hush, Bugsy is giving fans a nice tease for her return to the show. “All I can say is I absolutely love Below Deck,” the now author said. “And I love being on Below Deck Med, so everyone’s going to have to wait and see! This [book] literally was a passion project for my fans and everyone out there that wanted a taste of tablescaping, really.”