The Harvest Bliss Box


Our radiant rose gold Thanksgiving extravaganza known as the Harvest Bliss is something quite spectacular! This carefully curated box is a testament to luxury and warmth, ensuring an unforgettable celebration with loved ones. Adorn your table with a majestic Rose Gold turkey, complimented by our vibrant pink table runner with zigzag detail. This box of uniquely chosen pieces will set the stage for your thanksgiving gathering, adding an opulent touch. Elevate your setting with the sparkling charm of our champagne circular placemats and the dazzling allure of the crystal-like beaded pink and orange floral napkin rings.

This box adds a touch of glamor on your table with every detail. Unveil the spirit of the season with the lively, yet elegant pink and orange stripe napkins, two small pink pumpkins and a couple of amber vases. When assembled together on your table, every piece adds a charming and whimsical touch to the overall setting. Complete the grateful atmosphere with an enchanting box of gold pom poms. This table is set to foster an atmosphere of warmth, togetherness, creating unforgettable memories. Cherish moments during this Thanksgiving gathering with this box full of bliss.

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More about the product

This Box includes 6 individual place settings.

25 PC Box
1 Zigzag Pink Table runner
6 Sparkle champagne circular Placemats
6 Crystal Beaded Pink & Orange flower Napkin Ring
6 Pink & Orange Stripe Napkins
1 Rose Gold Turkey
2 small Pink Pumpkins
2 Orange Vases
1 x Box Gold Pom Poms

Boxed By Bugsy HARVEST BLISS BOX 046