Sparkle Pom-Poms (1 Box of 12Pc)


The ultimate celebration accessory – our Sparkle Pom-Poms! These enchanting wonders twinkle with joy at any gathering. Let them dance freely as whimsical table decor, scattering their magic across your celebration. Perfect for lunch setups, dinner parties, birthdays, and bachelorettes – because every day deserves a dash of glamour! In a box bursting with these delightful pom-poms, you’re not just setting a table; you’re elevating every moment into a sparkling spectacle. Cheers to celebrating in style!


COLOR: White Gold ,Ruby Red or Silver

MATERIALS: Crafted from PET Tube, our Sparkle Pom-Poms boast a lightweight and flexible design, providing a bouncy touch to your decor. Their delicate nature encourages careful storage; easy to store, keep them in the box to prevent any crushing.

DIMENSIONS: 8Pc (3.1Inch Balls) 4Pc (2.3Inch Balls)

BOX SIZE: 6inchx6inchx6inch


Wipe gently with a damp cloth for regular cleaning

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