Metallic Urchin Napkin Rings (set of 6)


Introducing our “Metallic Urchin” napkin rings – a dazzling fusion of spark and spikes to elevate your party or dinner gathering. Crafted with PVC plastic, these spiky napkin rings feature a design resembling spike pom-poms with glitter on the ends, creating a super fun and eye-catching statement piece for your table. Perfect for great Gatsby parties, lunches, and various nautical themes, as they elegantly represent a sea urchin.


Versatility takes centre stage as these napkin rings transcend themes, adding a touch of class to any occasion. Make a bold statement with these metallic urchin napkin rings, turning your table into a centrepiece of elegance and style.



COLOR: Red and White Gold

MATERIALS: PET  Tube and Plated  metal ring

DIMENSIONS: Flower DIA: 2.7 Inch and 1.5 Inch Ring



Can be wiped with a damp cloth for regular cleaning

Use a soft toothbrush with mild soapy water for the metal ring if necessary

Ensure proper drying after cleaning

Avoid using any citrus-based cleaners on the metal part of the napkin ring to maintain its quality.

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