Crystal Flora Napkin Ring (set of 6)


This features and mimics crystal-like petals. This style comes in a radiant red as well as a beautiful royal blue. Perfect for afternoon lunches, enchanting evening soirees, and sophisticated dinner parties, the red and blue flowers individually captivate. These patriotic napkin rings can be alternated with the red or the blue, available in individual sets for your convenience.


Another option to use these beautiful napkin rings is to add a nautical flair to your gatherings with a flowery or floral touch. This makes them the perfect addition to a bright and cheery table for Memorial Day or 4th of July get-togethers. Embrace versatility as they can also be individually used for a blue or red themed floral setting. With bold colors and the timeless allure of crystal-like petals, these flowers are poised to take your celebrations to the next level.



COLOR: Red and Blue

MATERIALS: Resin beads with a metal ring

DIMENSIONS: 1.5 Inch Ring



Can be wiped with a damp cloth for regular cleaning

Use a soft toothbrush with mild soapy water for both the beads and the metal ring if necessary

Ensure proper drying after cleaning

Avoid using any citrus-based cleaners on the metal part of the napkin ring to maintain its quality.

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