Christmas Glow Box


This Christmas set your table with this incredibly joyful “Christmas Glow” box. With the soft and beautiful color palette of champagne and rose gold with a pop of green this box promises to capture the essence of Christmas and translate it to the table. Enliven your table with the versatility of our reversable light and dark champagne colored table runner. Our 6 mesmerizing champagne and rose gold placemats will create an opulent setup for your dining experience. Elevate every detail with a twinkling charm of the 6 champagne gold pom pom napkin rings and the glitz of the champagne-colored napkins. Ensuring a mesmerizing and inviting ambiance for your cherished guests. Embrace the essence of the season with our spectacular shimmering rose and champagne gold Christmas Tree. Alongside the delicate touch of the two green vases. Add in an extra touch of magic, incorporating the gold sparkle pom pom stem, either within your floral arrangement or a stand- alone accent. All together this table setup creates an irresistible glow that captures the spirit of love and togetherness. Let this remarkable box transform your gathering of friends and family into a festive spectacle, radiating joy, laughter and cherished memories for everyone to embrace and enjoy!

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More about the product

This Box includes 6 individual place settings.

23 PC Box
1 Reversable Light/Dark Champagne table runner
6 Sparkle Champagne Gold & Rose Gold Placemats
6 Sparkle Champagne gold Pom Pom Napkin Rings
6 champagne shimmer napkins
1 Rose gold and champagne gold Glitter Christmas tree
2 Green Vases
1 gold Sparkle Pom Pom Stem

Boxed By Bugsy Christmas Glow Box 031