Braided Shimmer Placemats (set of 6)

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Our stunning circular braided placemats – the epitome of elegance and functionality. These heat-resistant marvels are not just placemats; they’re a captivating experience for your tablescape. Imbued with a mesmerizing shimmer and shine, these placemats create an enchanting backdrop for your plate and napkin, ensuring every meal is a feast for the eyes. Elevate your dining experience with the pop of glamour these placemats effortlessly bring to your table. Available in a variety of colors, mix, match, and alternate to customize your dining setting. Uniquely crafted, these placemats come in a set of six, making them an absolute must-have for those who appreciate the extraordinary in their everyday moments. Transform your dining space with these one-of-a-kind, circular braided placemats, where style meets practicality.


COLOR: Champagne, Red, Bright Orange, Champagne Gold and Red, Champagne Gold and Pink, Light Blue, Dark Blue and Champagne Gold.

MATERIALS: Braided  PET and Fibre Felt.

SIZE: Diameter 15 Inches



Can be wiped with a damp cloth for regular cleaning

Use a soft toothbrush with mild soapy water to brush any food away and clear out anything that may have got stuck between the PET Braiding.

Ensure proper drying after cleaning

Avoid getting the underneath Felt wet.

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