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How our tablescape kits work

Unleash your inner stylist and party like a pro!

Ready to dive into the world of tablescaping but not sure where to start? At Boxed X Bugsy, we’ve got you covered with our fun and festive tablescape kits. 

Our kits are designed to make your life easier and your occasions more memorable. With just a few clicks, you can have everything you need to create a dazzling table that will transport your guests into a world of wonder. No chief stew superpowers required—just a sprinkle of Bugsy’s magic!

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Why it works

Boxed by Bugsy How it Works


It couldn’t be easier! Simply select your kit and have it delivered to your door.

Boxed by Bugsy How it Works


Experience the joy of transforming your table into a dazzling celebration of fun, festivity, and pure magic!

Boxed by Bugsy How it Works


Boxed by Bugsy is your secret weapon for creating unforgettable events.

When it comes to tablescapes, there’s no one better than Bugs!

“The star has made the art of tablescaping so much more than just a hobby—it's a creative outlet and, frankly, an art form.”

- Yahoo!Life

“Christine “Bugsy” Drake is the undisputed queen of tablescapes… and she’s got plenty of stunning designs to back that claim up with. From her diamond-covered dining table to Pinterest-worthy cocktails, the yachtie is highly skilled at creating gorgeous set-ups. In fact, Bugsy’s tablescapes are so inspiring, they’ve even influenced some of her own outfit choices!”

- BravoTV

“Perhaps the greatest tablescape artist who has ever lived.”

- The New York Times

“Christine “Bugsy” Drake, can be seen dazzling luxury yacht guests with her signature tablescapes and over-the-top theme parties. The self-proclaimed “Queen of Theme” possesses a personal style that often embellishes on her table decor and almost always includes large hoop earrings with her infamous barrettes.”

- Medium